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Stories from travels in Morocco

Journey on a 30 year old motorbike in Morocco

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Poušť Sahara v Maroku - cestopisy

By motorbike from Prague to Sahara – part 22

Finally we are at the Sahara, just outside the wall of our accommodation there is only the desert with no end in sight and camels parked next to palm trees. The trip to the desert can begin, but before that, a story about how I got to drive a motorbike.

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Sahara - Maroko 2019 - 2 velbloudi a beduín - Andyho Cestopisy

By motorbike from Prague to Sahara – part 23

We're heading into the desert. Camel paws are wading through the boiling sand and we are swinging on their humps 🐫. We are about to experience one of the most epic sunsets, a Bedouin musical performance and an overnight stay in the desert where the stars shine like nowhere else.

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