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About Andy 1

Andy is...

digital nomad, traveler, freelancer, web coder, backpacker, photographer, surfer, biker, clicker, loser, cool guy. At least I think… But a little bit of everything. You can’t overdo anything.

I was born in a time without mobile phones, when the internet didn’t even exist. In a town where deer fell off cliffs and survived, we are still reminded of the chamois statue (there was no budget for a deer). I have graduated from so many schools, that’s all my liver could handle, no more.

I spent too much time on the computer until my parents had to force me to go out with people. Paradoxically, computers have given me a job that allows me to go anywhere, be on the beach, in the mountains, and not have to come back for work. Because work is with me everywhere.

Since my job allows me to do this, I would take unused travel as a sin against people who don’t have it as easy as I do. I’ve lived in England for a while, Spain for a while, the Canary Islands for a while, Mexico for a while, … I’ve seen Machu Picchu in Peru, Jesus in Rio, yogis in Bali, toucans in Colombia, a sloth in Costa Rica, sharks and orangutans in Borneo, crossed a major intersection in Hanoi, Vietnam, rode a motorbike from Prague to the Sahara, I had Covid in Philippines, walk on the Big Wall of China, ride motorbike around Himalayas in Nepal…

I’d be sorry to keep it to myself. And so, in the following lines I try to convey my experiences to everyone who has the time and desire to travel with me.

Map of places

Czech travel portal Cestolet can make such nice maps. If you don’t know Cestolet, be sure to check it out, it will help you a lot with information about any country you want to visit. Prices, safety, weather, tickets, etc.
Cestolet is simply a great project!

Countries already visited are shown in red on the map. In pink are countries that can’t wait for me.