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Mexico by motorbike – June 2016

Motorcycle trip through Mexico

From Puerto Vallarta to San Cristobal de Las Casas

The current progress of my journey in Mexico on a Honda Tool 125 motorcycle with an engine about as powerful as your lawnmower and sized for the Asian and Mexican market (for lilliputians).

Interesting data

  • I have already ridden 11 Mexican states and have covered about 2,500 km = 1550 miles
  • The gasoline has so far cost me 55$ USD (2 liters for free from random Mexicans who helped me in my time of need)
  • I paid for accommodation in hostels for a total of 49 days for about 400$ USD
  • I bought a motorbike (made in 2012) with 1 helmet and license plate for 600$ USD second-hand
  • A slightly better helmet second-hand, a box for the back of the bike, a net for the seat and the necessary tools cost a total of about 100$ USD
  • For repairs (work and necessary parts) I have already given a total of 270$ USD (+ 1 towing by a tow truck for 30$ USD)


Interactive map



  • Clicking on certain points on the map will show you my current location (motorbike icon) or my destination (red icon).
  • The blue line shows the journey I’ve already made.
  • I’m gradually adding photos of the cities and places I’ve visited (yellow icons) to each point.
  • The pale blue icons are just random photos
  • I recommend clicking on the square icon in the top right corner of the map to view the map full screen.