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Safety in Mexico

How Mexico is (un)safe

Mexico has 31 states and security varies

Mexico has a reputation as a dangerous country. And indeed, you won’t always feel safe here. But it depends on what area of Mexico you’re in. Mexico is a very diverse country with different levels of security in different regions.

Are you coming to Cancun?

As a typical European tourist, you will probably arrive in Cancun. I recommend not staying there at all. It’s a tourist town without much history (it’s foundations date back to 1970) and the main reason it was created was to make it easier for tourists to enter the country, especially the wealthy ones from Florida and Europe. So as well as the rich tourists, it attracts the elements. Even Cancún offers its charms, such as a really interesting underwater museums, but if you want to skip that, you can board a bus to Playa del Carmen right at the airport and after an hour’s drive start your holiday there.

No need to fear the Caribbean

However, overall the Yucatán and Quintana Roo area is safe and you should feel safe here. Mexico is well aware that this area is quite possibly the most attractive to tourists and they have consistently tried to address safety. If there’s one area I should recommend to someone who hasn’t been to Mexico, it’s the Yucatán and Quintana Roo.

Map of Mexico with states marked by safety

On the map of Mexico below, the states of Mexico are color coded according to how dangerous they are. The black and green parts are safe. The red ones should be avoided. The northern states on the border with the US are said to be especially dangerous. However, all Mexicans agree that the danger there is due to fighting between drug cartels. If you don’t plan to deal drugs and don’t mind the noise of firearms, you should survive there too 🙂

  • Red States (maybe even orange) Some states are considered dangerous because of high levels of violence associated with organized crime, corruption and poverty. These states could be labeled as “not recommended for travel” or “travel only under necessary circumstances.”
  • Yellow states (possibly even orange) Other states are considered relatively safe for tourists, as long as they take basic precautions and avoid risky situations. These states can be labeled as “use extra caution” or “travel with normal care.”
  • Black states and green states generally, tourist destinations such as Cancún, Playa del Carmen, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, or Mexico City are considered safe for tourists as long as they stick to the main attractions and hotel zones. However, even here, caution should be exercised and local news and recommendations should be followed.
Bezpečnost v Mexiku 2022

Best time to visit Mexico

  • Mexico is a huge country with different climatic zones and seasons. In general, the dry season from November to April is the best time to visit Mexico, as it offers pleasant temperatures, sunny days and minimal rainfall. However, this is also peak season for tourism, so you can expect higher prices and larger crowds at popular sites.
  • If you want to save money and avoid the crowds, you can visit Mexico during the shoulder season from July to August or during the low season from May to June or September to October. Shoulder season is still warm and dry in some areas like the Yucatan or Baja California, but it’s also the start of hurricane season on the Caribbean and Pacific coasts. Low season is hot and humid in most areas of Mexico, but also offers lower prices and smaller crowds at the beach.
  • If you want to experience Mexican culture and traditions, you can visit Mexico during some of its famous festivals or holidays. Some of the most popular is Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) in late October or early November, Guelaguetza (Oaxacan Cultural Festival) in July, Cinco de Mayo (May Day) in May, or Semana Santa (Holy Week) before Easter.

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