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Across Cuba in 13 days

At the beginning of 2016, Cuba became one of our next destinations after the Dominican Republic. Here we traveled by bus from the south all the way to the north. We visited the famous scammers of Santiago de Cuba, the tourist-crowded village of Trinidad, the city of Cienfuegos (100 fires), the Varadero peninsula with long beaches and beautiful sunrises. Destination stop Havana, from where we also set off on a trip to the legendary Viñales valley.

Visited January 2016 Length of stay: 13 days Method of stay: Travel – bus transfers between destinations, accommodation in Casas Particular (private accommodation). You can find detailed information about the weather, sockets, mobile operators, price differences between Colombia and the Czech Republic, the price of beer, etc. here:

Destinations visited

  • Santiago de Cuba
  • Trinidad
  • Cienfuegos
  • Varadero
  • Havana (Vinales as a trip)

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Santiago de Cuba - Kuba - Andyho Cestopisy

Cuba chapter 1

Arriving in Cuba and an Italian mass murderer as a benefactor Now that I think back in my mind what kind of cars drive in Cuba, I am surprised by the successful transfer from the Dominican Republic to Cuba by a plane of Cuban...

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Santiago de Cuba - Kuba - Andyho Cestopisy

Cuba chapter 2

We wake up in Cuba, stuff our bellies with a huge breakfast and head downtown. Our casa particular (private accommodation) is from...

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Trinidad - Kuba - Andyho Cestopisy

Cuba chapter 3

Trinidad Magnet for tourists, God knows why... A beautiful January day, perfect for sweating your soul out on the bus. But this time we're opting for the night tour and saving on accommodation. Most travellers from Santiago de Cuba...

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Cienfuegos Kuba - Andyho Cestopisy

Cuba chapter 4

Cienfuegos is on our way, it appears in a couple of guidebooks so we have no reason not to stop here for one night. After much anticipation from Trinidad, we arrive in Cienfuegos with absolutely no expectations and that always pays off.

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Cuba 1

Cuba chapter 5

The uninterrupted 20 km of Varadero beach is one big tourist resort on a protrusion from the mainland, where apart from the sea you can see mainly hotels and shops on all sides.

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Cuba 2

Cuba chapter 6

Viñales Valley A trip to a romantic valleyWe have been thinking for a while about spending a day or two in the Viñales Valley, which, after Havana, is the second of the top spots you can't miss when visiting Cuba. Unfortunately...

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Havana, Kuba - Andyho Cestopisy

Cuba chapter 7

Our last days in Cuba will be spent in Havana. Havana is an old port, formerly known as the Paris of the Caribbean. It's the size of 2 Pragues and has the feel of...

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