Cuba chapter 1 - Andy's Travelogues

Cuba chapter 1

From the Dominican Republic to the south of Cuba

1. night
Arrival in Cuba and an Italian mass murderer as a benefactor

Now that I think back in my head about what kind of cars drive in Cuba, I am surprised by the successful transfer from the Dominican Republic to Cuba by Cuban Airlines plane.

It’s between two and three in the morning, we’re staying close to a suspicious Italian jewelry seller who promised to help us find accommodation (at 3 in the morning). Finding our pre-booked accommodation in the center of Santiago de Cuba this late at night, and also not knowing if they were even expecting us due to a one-day flight delay, led us to trust this potential Italian mass murderer.

We hand in the last form at the airport and are already rushing to the exit. Just then, the police stop Péta and me and take us aside. “Bagly in front of you, stand and don’t move…” The wolf, approximately 2 meters tall and 5 meters long, strangely feels insensitive to us or smells my socks, but the sniffer has us before the standard you just have to ask your mother about … anything. And we’re already falling for the Italian before he’s lost… where is he? He coughed on us…

“HELE!” …. I startle and look behind me, an Italian is talking to us. “The police destroyed my friend’s bag during the search, so we have to fill out complaint forms and stuff. Wait for us outside the airport…”  and leaves with the police and his friend to another room somewhere. So we have an untrustworthy mass murderer, a jewelry shipper from the Dominican Republic to Cuba, who is in trouble with the police at the airport and says he wants to complain that a friend’s bag was damaged during a search. Hmmm… we’ll probably wait for him in front of the airport.

And do you know who is waiting outside the airport? Taxi driver with sign:

Petra and Andy

With a smile on his face, he brags that he was waiting here yesterday. So maybe he’s retarded to still laugh at it, or maybe there are good people in Cuba 🙂

The Italian said that a taxi from the airport will cost you 15 CUC (about 15 dollars) and accommodation can be found for 18-20 CUC per night. Armed with this valuable information, I nod 20 CUC to the taxi driver and 25 CUC to the owner of the accommodation.

Accommodation in Santiago de Cuba

Before we can say Buenas noches (good night) to the lady of the house, whom we immediately began to call Frida and who waited for us the whole time and accommodated us with a smile on her face (could she be retarded too?), we order breakfast for the morning (4 CUCs per person ).

Half past four in the morning… time to go to bed…

… and wake up to this:

yes, there are also… eggs…