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About the Dominican Republic

11 days in a Caribbean paradise

Visited in January 2016

Why Dominican Republic

  • You can get a ticket (one way) from Prague for 6k
  • Beautiful beaches (the most beautiful in the world according to UNESCO) and nature
  • Of our 2 month trip, our stay in DR was the shortest but with the most experiences! Be warned, unless you’re staying at a hotel resort, you’ll probably be scared. If you plan to be only at the hotel resort, don’t go at all.

Length of stay: 11 days

Mode of stay: Travel – moving between destinations, staying using or

Destinations visited

  • Punta Cana – 2 nights (sufficient)
  • Las Terrenas – 3 nights (one extra night would be useful)
  • Santo Domingo – 5 nights (too much, 1-2 nights would be enough)
  • Boca Chica – 1 night (for relaxing on the beach, even more days)

Capital: Santo Domingo

Language Spanish (English very limited outside hotel resorts)

Currency Dominican Peso

Prices and availability of raw materialsPrices are not particularly exorbitant compared to Czech prices, but the Dominican Republic is certainly not a cheap destination. Restaurants, especially those on the beach, can have higher prices. For example, 1 plain vegetable salad and 3 beers, spending 600 CZK. The availability of food and drug stores was perfectly adequate. We did not encounter a situation where we could not get what we needed.

Mandatory vaccinations unless you are coming from a yellow fever area, none

Compare the Czech Republic with the Dominican Republic – compare

Detailed information on weather, outlets, mobile operators, price differences between Colombia and the Czech Republic, beer prices, etc. can be found here:

Cestolet (English)

Nomadlist (English)

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Dominican Republic Chapter 1

The dull sound of the plane landing confirmed that the pilot was a seasoned professional and had not forgotten to pull the landing gear. Surviving for 12 hours in the bowels of hundreds of tons of steel? Done! But what's next for us once we arrive in the Dominican Republic?...

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Dominikánská republika - Andyho Cestopisy

Dominican Republic Chapter 3

Remember that scene from Police Academy with the Blue Oyster Bar? When within seconds, the cops realize they're in a place where they're not supposed to be and that it's...

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Santo Domingo Dominikánská republika

Dominican Republic Chapter 6

Santo Domingo has its bright side besides its gloomy "maybewe can't handle it" atmosphere. We couldn't believe all the treasures this city holds. Which was good, because it doesn't hide...

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Dominikánská republika

Dominican Republic Chapter 7

We head to the second most famous beach in the area, Juan Dolio. The first one is called Boca Chica and is full of beach bars, shops and tourists. By contrast, Juan Dolio is a beach...

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