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Websites useful for travelers and nomads

Websites useful for travelers and nomads


All the necessary information about the place nicely together.

If there is somewhere to start researching the destinations you are planning to go to, then it is here. Information on what to visit, what to definitely taste, when there is a special market in a given place, where to buy souvenirs and where not… this is simply the basis.

Link to WikiTravel:


Ranking of TOP destinations for digital nomads

summary information about all countries, rankings of where nomads live best, which operator to use, what is the air quality, what are the average financial requirements for a month of living in a given city, etc. This is a TOP website and a base that I visit almost every time before flying to new destinations.

Update: it looks like it’s getting harder and harder to get to the state or city detail. At first glance it seems that you need to be a paying member, but you just need to either use google correctly (you search for the site name + country) or change the name of the city or country in the URL

NomadList Link:

Cestolet (CZ)

List of places to visit

Czech version of BucketListly. And a very good, very practical and simply overall well-conceived project. You will find out a lot of information about the destination, they write interesting articles about how to travel better and you can make a list of places you have already been. Really great stuff.

Link to Cestolet:

Worldee (CZ, EN)

Scratch off map of countries you have visited… online. An interesting Czech project that is gradually starting up, but certainly already offers interesting functions. It acts a bit like a chronicle of your travels, where you enter specific places where and when you have been to individual countries. The website itself will then connect the places. I myself am curious about where this project will go and I’m quite a fan of it.

Link to Worldee:

Sygic Travel

City trip planner

Also formerly known as Tripomatic. A great tool for planning how to spend a day or several in a certain city. You will see the TOP locations that you should visit, you just choose what day you want to see, mark the given monuments, locations, museums, etc. and the application will immediately draw a route for you where to go, how long it will take to get there , how much time you will spend there, whether there is an entrance fee, etc. You can freely adjust the route yourself, so that it is as reasonable as possible.

Link to Sygic Travel:


Do I need a visa or not?

An interactive map showing where we can go without a visa and for how long, or if we need a Tourist card or E-visa, or just get a visa directly at the airport, etc. Great tool. Another option to solve this is to google the name of the visa state. The Czech government has prepared clear information for us and I have been doing it this way for x years and it works well.

Link to TravelScope:

Eighty Days

Cheap flight planner to various destinations

This website can generate a reasonable budget by combining flights to different cities. For example, you can plan a 14-day trip around Europe, visit 6 different destinations, spend enough time exploring each one, and pay only 2500 CZK for a ticket that will take you home… it depends, of course, on how you like it you set everything up. It is easy to use and if you are not sure where exactly you would like to go, this will easily inspire you and you will find out how travel is actually quite affordable.

Link to EightyDays:

WorkFrom (EN)

So which cafe with a laptop today?

A social network for digital nomads to know where to work from. They are mostly cafes or coworking centers. It’s a shame that they can’t enter hostels as well. I mostly work from hostels and I often decide if they have desks there, if they have sockets near the desks, if they have lockers, what kind of wifi they have, etc. Well, maybe WorkFrom will be good for that too, so far only via

Link to WorkFrom:


I am going to a village in the north of Colombia. Will there be a signal from my carrier?

I have been looking for a website for a long time, where they will show me the coverage of individual operators in a given country. I found OpenSignal. It used to work as a desktop version, now apparently only as an application. Good if you plan to go outside the big cities and want to know whether the operator you choose has coverage there or not, or which one to choose.

Link to OpenSignal:

Base Camp

What currency, what operator, are tips given,…?

This website no longer works as it used to, but you can still find interesting information on it about currency, operators, outlets, etc. The only problem is that the portal no longer serve the information for free.