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Cuba chapter 4

Cienfuegos - 100 fires

8. day Cienfuegos Or why not…

Cuba chapter 4 1Cienfuegos is on the way, it appears in a few guides and so we don’t have reason not to stop here for one night. After high expectations from Trinidad, we arrive in Cienfuegos with absolutely no expectations and that always pays off. Accommodation is quite easy to find. The fourth door we knock on has a free room for us.

Accommodation prices in Cuba

The price per night for us, non-negotiators, is always around 25 dollars, if you want CUCs. They tell us everywhere that it’s the season. In January? Well, why not. There are no hostels in Cuba, only casa particular (private house). You can find them easily, they must all be marked with the same symbol. A few months later, I met a Belgian woman in Mexico who had traveled alone to Cuba. I asked her how she managed financially. It is said that she always cast sad eyes over the 10 CUC bill and always got away with it.

Our accommodation in Cienfuegos

Cienfuegos is a pleasantly large town. A walk along the boulevard with shops with handmade trinkets will lead us to the bay, where we will enjoy the first coffee of the day with a demonstration of the police work of arresting a suspicious young man. cienfuegos-01 A walk along the next boulevard along the bay is also not to be thrown away. Actually, nothing extra, no interesting sights, just pure natural Cuba without crowds of tourists. This puts us in a better mood after the tourist orgies in Trinidad. cienfuegos-09

Local architecture


Local car fleet

cienfuegos-28 The biggest adventure of the day is finding a place to eat in the evening. It becomes a nightmare for our itchy stomach muscles. Either we find overpriced restaurants or hangouts where a cockroach would think of sticking its antennae in to explore. Eventually we successfully find what might be called communist fast food… in other words, a canteen. We shove one Cuban sandwich into our stomachs and off we go to sleep.