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On a motorbike from the Czech Republic to Morocco

and back... almost

From Prague to Marrakech.
The current progress on the interactive map.
The anticipated course of the journey is 3 weeks,
so that I can maintain
my classic work schedule.

The journey started on 16/04/2019 and I
arrived at my final destination exactly 3 weeks later, on 07/05/2019

I got sick on the 3rd day after the trip and had to spend 3 days recuperating in Lyon, France. At the same time, I killed hundreds of different insects with the helmet visor (thanks, they’re not needed, I’m a good soul by nature). Otherwise, I didn’t kill anything else, there was only one suicide attempt by a Moroccan grandmother, however, she left with just a shock (as did I). Along the way I met wild flamingos (France, Spain), camels and countless donkeys (Morocco). At the same time, there are a lot of storks here, they are probably waiting for it to get warmer here. They do not respond at all to our Czech “stork! stork!”.

The bike is still holding, even if some parts and screws are falling off. I’m considering using the Moroccan creative effort and versatility… but I don’t know if it’s safer to leave the bike in a semi-decomposed state like this and wait to see if it stumbles to the Czech Republic.

Now a 3-week circuit of the southern region under Marrakesh will follow. Then 2 weeks in Marrakesh and then return back to the Czech Republic, if possible by a different route, if the motorbike and the adventurous spirit will last. I have to admit that right now, me and my ass, we would like to take a break from motorcycles for half a year.

Update 9. 7. 2019 – Unfortunately, the journey back through Portugal and the northern part of Europe did not turn out quite as I had imagined. In Normandy, France, I suffered the injury of multiple fractures of the patella (classic walking style -> fall). So I’m really taking a break from motorbikes… and probably for longer than half a year 🙁

Photos from the trip can be found at https://www.instagram.com/huko

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