By motorbike from Prague to Sahara - part 6 - Séte France - Andy's Travelogues

By motorbike from Prague to Sahara – part 6

The romantic town of Séte
in the south of France

Séte, Francie - Andyho cestopisy

Sete - peace by the sea

I arrive at the seaside town of Séte after dark, but even before the town my attention is stolen by wild flamingos that were just standing in the marshes. I had no idea that you could come across flamingos in Europe other than in a zoo. I guess it was a sign that I would like it here.

As soon as I checked into the hostel, I went into town to hunt for food. Unfortunately, it was a holiday and almost everywhere was closed. Only one single restaurant was open. It was a pizzeria where they happened to be having a private party. But they let me in and I could order a pizza to go. When I was picking up my pizza, the owner of the restaurant invited me to stay at the party… and now I would like to tell you how, of course, I couldn’t refuse such an offer and what a party went on… but the truth is as dull as semolina porridge, with thanks i declined and went outside to eat pizza… where it was raining… so i ended up in the hostel bar.

It had been a very long day and I was correspondingly tired. I have to get a good rest in Séta and stay longer than one night.

Séte Francie, Andyho Cestopisy - Motorkou na Saharu

Discovering the Séte

The next morning, after breakfast, I went to explore the city and find a supermarket to stock up on food. The network seems relatively small, almost as if everyone should know everyone here. At the same time, there is more than enough to discover. In the center you have canals with harbors for small boats, a square with a large octopus, there is a Christian epic panoramic view on the hill, soaked graffiti on the walls of old houses, picturesque streets with cozy restaurants and small churches. I’m not even mentioning flamingos anymore. You can walk around and get lost here with pleasant ease and carefree indiscretion.
Séte Francie, Andyho Cestopisy - Motorkou na Saharu

Graffiti in Séte

I’m always happy when I discover interesting graffiti in some unknown city. You get to know local artists and their creativity a little. Sometimes graffiti can reflect the atmosphere of a city, either playful or dark. Some places are just the doodles of hooligans, while others are such art that you think the city must have paid for it. Here in Séte, it is the case that fills you with a pleasant curiosity to discover more and more. Graffiti has become a part of the city here and partially defines it to a non-negligible extent.

Séte - přímořské městečko na jihu Francie - Andyho cestopisy

Views in Séte

Exploring the picturesque streets of Séte brings me an uplifting satisfaction, and I am even more excited when a few hundred meters of climbing from the city center leads me to a breathtaking view of the surroundings. Here I open the cheese, baguette and tomatoes I bought. Enjoying a picnic with an epic view. As soon as the threat of the tomato spots swallowing them is over, I change into a newly purchased white t-shirt with thin horizontal stripes. Now I not only eat like a Frenchman, but also look like one 🙂 I stretch out on a wooden bench, watch the clouds pass above me, the rays of the sun sting my forehead and the French melody of the conversation of a couple sitting nearby plays in my ears.

After exploring the city and relaxing at the lookout, I head back to the hostel and start working on my computer. Tomorrow I am leaving to cross the next border and enter the territory of Spain. If you are ever in Séte and looking for accommodation, I recommend the hostel Georges Hostel & Cafe 😉