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What countries are safe

where to travel in 2024

Global Peace Index 2023

New Global Peace index is here and we can check countries all around the World and choose which one to visit nex year and feel safe. Black and green colors are good and red color countries are to avoid. More information about the colors you will find below the map.

Global peace Index 2023
  • Red States (maybe even orange) Some states are considered dangerous because of high levels of violence associated with organized crime, corruption and poverty. These states could be labeled as “not recommended for travel” or “travel only under necessary circumstances.”
  • Yellow states (possibly even orange) Other states are considered relatively safe for tourists, as long as they take basic precautions and avoid risky situations. These states can be labeled as “use extra caution” or “travel with normal care.”
  • Black states and green states are considered safe for tourists.

There are some surprises, for examples Palestina and Israel are not in red color. There are 23 indicators which have impact on the measures of peace index of each country. If you would like to dive deeper you can visit the official website of Vision of Humanity.

Now just choose where to go