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Montpellier, France

4 days in peaceful city

Montpelier, France 2023

November, time to languish

My body is probably already used to having to get tired at least once in the winter, so why not do it this time in France. I had barely arrived after a 2 hour train ride to my final destination when it hit me. I don’t have any extra plans in Montpelier, I’d like to go to the sea, make videos for Chill Walks and walk downtown. I have 4 days to do it, so hopefully I can do something about it.

My hotel is about 100 meters from the station and I arrive a little early to check in but they let me in. The hotel opened 4 days ago, so I think I might even be alone in the room. There are 6 beds.

However, Gabriel, a guy from Mexico, arrives shortly after me. So I tell him that Mexico is my favorite country in Central America, that I lived there for almost a year, etc. Gabriel leaves after a while and a new bed neighbor arrives. Jonathan.

“Where are you from, Johnathan?”
“I’m from Colombia.
“Gee, that’s my favorite country in South America.”

Johnatan also leaves after a while and 2 more neighbors arrive.

“Hey guys, I heard you speak Spanish, you’re from Argentina, huh?”
“Yeah, yeah, I’m from Argentina.
“That’s my favorite…”

HA! I didn’t really say that anymore. But I complimented them on the empanadas (traditional Argentinian stuffed bags) and the Iguaza falls.

I haven’t seen any of the American boys again. But it was enough for the happy nostalgic memories of traveling in America. And if not, take a look at my stories from Colombia.

Montpelier, France 2023


Since my health condition is deteriorating and I notice that there are quite a few Vietnamese restaurants while walking around the city, my 4-day medicinal peel starts with Vietnamese Pho soup and sprinkling turmeric down my throat.

Pouring turmeric down your throat is an old Ayurvedic method that will give you quick relief from a sore throat. I tried for the first time. I recommend it, but at your own risk. What won’t kill you…

Montpelier, France 2023

The city

During shorter walks around the city, Montpellier appears to me to be a picturesque town, where there are many hidden alleys, where you are not afraid to go and happily explore them. Unlike Marseille, where by entering an unknown dark alley you risk an unpleasant encounter with God knows what.

Because of this, every now and then you come across an interesting cafe, a wine bar, a cute little square with a restaurant, and so it goes on and on. One could say, an ideal place for couples for romantic walks. Just ignore the fact that a group of soldiers with machine guns will pass by you here and there. Their regular detours through the evening streets of Montpellier should actually convince you that safety is taken care of here. What won’t kill you…

Montpelier, France 2023

Chill Walks

One of my new projects is Chill Walks. YouTube channel where I post videos from city walks. And Montpellier is an ideal candidate. I feel like Santa Claus after the Christmas shift, but I’ll get over it.

Since walking through the city and shooting video during the day is not pleasant for anyone (neither for me, nor for the GDPR people I meet along the way), I shoot at sunrise, when there are as few people as possible on the streets. Those who are currently on the streets are usually busy preparing tables in cafes, cleaning up messes at the trash cans, or simply hurrying to work.

Everything will be handled and the material is shot. At the time of this writing, the video has not yet been processed, but maybe I will add a link here later or watch it directly at Chill Walks YouTube Channel, maybe it’s already there.

Montpelier, France 2023

To the beach by tram

Another destination in Montpellier is to see the local beaches. After a half-hour tram ride and a half-hour walk, I find myself on the almost deserted Dluhatan beach. It’s windy here, a few brave souls are lying in the sand, the wind blowing sand into their faces. Here and there a sailboat or a small boat passes by, and the blowing of the wind only occasionally disturbs the hysterical pacing of an overfed seagull.

Montpelier, France 2023

And I sit on a log washed out by the sea and enjoy the slow movement of clouds across the sky. There is something magical and soothing about the autumn atmosphere by the sea. Montpellier is completely different from Marseille, it’s calmer and maybe quite bland and less memorable. But it definitely has something special.

Chill Walk in Montpellier